Baby, it’s cold outside!

December 3, 2010

December 2 – Writing. What do you do each day that doesn’t contribute to your writing — and can you eliminate it? (Author: Leo Babauta)

Well, when I settle down to write it’s either in the college library or on my laptop at home. But then at the college library I get self-conscious writing a story surrounded by other teenagers who are doing their work and I think ‘Oh crap! I should do some work!’ and I put my story away and pull out some history work or english work and I sit staring at it until my free ends.

On the laptop it’s another matter. I sign in with great excitement for a next twist or new character, and a few minutes later I find myself staring at the Soiltaire card game on the screen. And then because I’m determined to win a game I keep playing and playing and playing. After that, I look through my photo folders, and do some rearranging and deleting and moving about. And before I know it, I’ve signed off and gone to bed.

I could elimate the college work by simply doing my work at any other time, or I could just devote one free a week to purely writing. Meanwhile the laptop shenanigans I could elimate by deleting the Soilatire game (never will happen!) or putting all my photos onto disks so I’d have to do a lot more messing around to look through them all.

December 3 – Moment. Pick one moment during which you felt most alive this year. Describe it in vivid detail (texture, smells, voices, noises, colors). (Author: Ali Edwards)

The moment I felt most alive was on the last day of June when Nick (Sarah’s dad) and I drove 350 miles to bring Sarah home from Ambleside. The drive up was fairly uneventful, but there was excitement buzzing in the car.

Later, after the three of us had a massive Indian meal, Nick went off to his bed and breakfast for the night, Sarah and I collected two huge boxes to pack her things into. We were stuffed and practically high on spices. We were laughing so much, we collapsed on a bench. We hadn’t seen each other for a month, and for two people who are as close as Sarah and I, that’s a bloody long time. The sun wa just going down with that sort of half light that happens around eight o’clock on a summer evening, and there were a lot of people around. It was cool, not hot. The taste of Indian food and coca-cola was lingering on the air. I can’t remeber hearing any other people talking, just us laughing hysterically, but I also can’t remeber what about.

This memory lingers particularly because it was reunion, a two-person party, a sleepover, a holiday, a way of life for Sarah, a saying-goodbye to the place she’d lived for a month, and a rescue, because she really didn’t enjoy herself. It also was a series of life -lessons for both of us.

Well, we have about 5cm of snow here, and yesterday the college was ahem, kind enough to let us have the day off. But today they’ve decided we should go in. Luckily for me, I have just one lesson on Fridays and I’ve managed to persuade mummy darling to let me have the day off!


reverb 10

December 2, 2010

December 1 One Word.
Encapsulate the year 2010 in one word. Explain why you’re choosing that word. Now, imagine it’s one year from today, what would you like the word to be that captures 2011 for you?
(Author: Gwen Bell)

Well, I guess my word for 2010 comes from what’s been happening in the past few weeks, unravelling. I feel I’ve unravelled myself and the way I view my family and the world. I feel more content, and I think I can understand things better. I’ve learnt to not take everything at face value and think that it just concerns me.

For the end of 2011, I’d like my word to be contentment. I’ve unravelled and now I feel I want to spend the next year trying to find contentment and safety in everything I do. I want to be truly happy, and to have accomplished that.


November 25, 2010

I realise I haven’t actually shared any photos here for a very long time, so I think it’s time for a couple of completely random photographs!

This is my final piece for art, and me showing off my Tiger-Lily style boots!

Me, looking, well, like me…

For some reason, I was fascinated by this pigeon and his shadow on the wall of the house next to ours…I must’ve stayed looking at him for about ten minutes…

Skimbleshanks was equally diverted by the pigeon…so much so that I couldn’t resist taking a photo of him reflected in the mirror! He’s a proper teenager now.

the Nerd within…

November 25, 2010

If I read 11 books between now and January 1st, I will have averaged exactly one book a week throughout 2010.

There’s just one word for that…


And proud.

One down, two more to go : )

^That relates to the three people I’ve really pissed off over the years, and my aim is to be friends with them all again, and Jamie was the one I was most worried about. Or most eager to befriend again. And he’s fine with me. This feeling is odd.

Well it’s exactly a month until Christmas eve. It seems my christmas comes with a compromise each year; I will be excited, while my dad isn’t and my mum gets depressed, or I’m bored, while my dad is excited and my mum get’s some peace.

I feel I’ve been neglecting my blog lately, and it’s not as pretty as I would like it to, and I’m not happy with the name since I’ve discovered another blog called ‘Elsie Marley’. Hm. The point of blogs is that they’re personal, so my blog name may change. It’s not really me, or up to date at the moment. Give me a few weeks and I shall act on it.


November 9, 2010

Guess what! This weekend will be *officially* free for me. I’m very excited. No art, no English, no History, no UCAS, no maths. I’m planning on doing some serious unravelling and stitching and reading. I’m really looking forward to Christmas, so all my stitching is based on that so far.

For the rest of the week I shall rush around finishing all the little jobs so I can have some me-time. It’s greatly anticipated.

Sort of failing :\

November 3, 2010

This week is craaazy. History coursework has started and English coursework starts in two weeks and all my art work has to be in on Monday and I have a maths exam in a week and AARGH! Not to mention UCAS so I can actually go to uni. Damn.

Ah well. I keep telling myself I could still be doing photography on top of it all!

I’m weeks behind in the unravelling course but I’m going to print off all the stuff I haven’t done yet and buy a lovely new journal and at the weekend just indulge in some unravelling between the panic attacks. But at least I’ve finished my final piece! It’s A0 size and I’m hoping to put a photo up at the weekend. Plus I need to go searching for some followers to my blog. I’m getting slightly depressed just writing posts to myself. I’m hoping to accomplish a lot of things this weekend.

 Anyone watch True Blood? I am.

Just a conversation starter there.

: )

thanks for the support

October 25, 2010

So we drove to York on Saturday to see the university, and I fell in love with the university and I desperately want to be one of 1,400 who get in.

And then I found out that my stepmother said I’ll never get in there, and there’s no chance or hope of me even getting an interview.

Now I don’t know whether she says this because of there is only 1,400 places, or whether she just thinks I’m too stupid to go there.

Naturally I’m quite upset that she said that, but that now makes it two people who have questioned my ability to go to, let’s face it, a pretty average university.

Why do they think I’m stupid? Why do they think I’m not capable of going to university? Why do they think I’m not going to amount to anything?

Well, fuck them.

Dear Lewis

October 9, 2010

Lewis had a brain infection, and he was in intensive care. But now, (from what I’ve heard) he’s ok.

I found a PostSecret that I guess I’ve kinda stolen. Well, the writer found the words and the bravery to say it, I guess.

So here’s my Dear Lewis truth;

I had a crazy idea of going to the hospital and it would be like the films where the patient is asleep and the visitor comes in and sits down and they hold their hand and the patient wakes up and there’s this great exchange of names that haven’t been said for too long and everything is fine and dandy.

Except I know that he wouldn’t want me there.

Besides, things don’t happen like that in real life.

The Coffee Party

October 4, 2010

Hey guys, we’re obsessed with coffee! Kathkath’s been drinking it for a while and she got us all in the coffee mood. So we paid a trip to the little shop down the Street and bought five coffees and took a whole load of sugar and sweeteners back to Science. And after Tamsin’s slight accident with her coffee and Kathy being a warning sign, among other things, we were all having a great lunchtime.

It’s surprising how drunk on coffee you can feel when there’s a big bunch of you drinking it.

This scene has been repeated today, with up to around eight coffees being drunk in total.

(Sorry if the photo is huge-I’m trying to experiment with the sizes a bit more)