Puffing away

September 26, 2010

I told mum today that Sarah was buying me a proper old fashioned, Sherlock Holmes stylee pipe and some tobacco, and would she mind if I smoked it once?

Of course, the answer was no. I’m kinda pleased she said that, so I’m just getting the pipe and no tobacco now.

I’m also considering auditioning for a hobbit in ‘The Hobbit’. And we may be going to the Doctor Who signing in London in a few weeks.

It’s times like this that make me happy that I’m a nerd.

(edited to add-Yesterday my friends and I were going to “Happy Kathy’s” house and we passed a book sale. I bought fifteen books for £2, and one of them was a nonfiction book about the Russian Revolution. Naturally, I recieved much friendly abuse from Sarah about this!)


I’m here!

September 16, 2010

Well hello there.

I know I fell of the planet for a while, but I’ve been thinking about blogging. Unfortunately, I’m a bit too lazy to actually get up and do it.

I was back to college last week, and so my life actually became a little more interesting what with the daily doses of seeing friends and panicking about handing in late work. Since it’s my last year of college, I’m trying to make it last and I’m trying desperately to enjoy it. Every minute. This is extremely difficult when a whole load of chavvy, annoying, screechy first years jump on the bus and take up all the good seats, and then spend the whole 40 minute bus ride singing. Honestly, it sounds like a cat being pushed through your ears and then being pulled back and forth. It’s not good for my nerves.

Then today two little idiots gave people who hadn’t paid £400 for their bus pass their bus passes so their friends could get on the bus. Needless to say, they deserved being pulled off the bus and yelled at by the head teacher. And they deserved the hate glares when the got back on.

I’m sorry. It’s just only a week of this has really grated my nerves, and I’m finding it hard to believe that these kids actually want to come to college and learn. I guess I’m just very bitter at the moment and I don’t have the hugest tolerance thresh-hold.

On the brighter side, (or not so bright in some cases), I’m resitting my English Lit exam (seven marks away from a B), I have to retake my maths GCSE, but this year I’m oddly optimistic and hard working, I’m under pressure to hand in my UCAS stuff, next week we have a talk called ‘Safe Drive, Stay Alive’, I need to write my personal statement, Amber and I are getting haunted, I’ve been absorbing literature into my bloodstream like heroin, I’m very excited about the Unravelling course, I’ve been stitching a ridiculous amount and I’ve mastered Photoshop!

Well, sorry about the mundane little details. Just needed to get that all out of my head so I can focus on the art work I haven’t done. This weekend I’m going to relax and try to get my blood pressure back to normal and post lots and take lots of photos and do lots of art and possibly bake one or two fairy cakes.

Ahh, clear mind.