An Ouching Update

August 17, 2010

So apologies for the lak of photos for the August break lately, I’ve been taking them but for some reason not posting them, so perhaps I’ll do a huge long blog with all the days I missed.

Kathy texted me last night at ten to midnight asking if I could be at her house for 9;30 today;I only got this text this morning. All I can say is thank God I woke up early.

However, yesterday I spent the whole day whimpering and crying because I’ve done something to my neck. And now I have to go and watch a movie in the cinema. I can hear some complaining happening.

Kitten update-P and S have spent the whole past two days doing nothing but playfighting! Last night P wouldn’t go to sleep in his bed with his brother, but was perfectly happy to sleep on Sarah!


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