The August Break, Day Two

August 2, 2010

Ok, so I know there are no rules as such to the August Break, but I was hoping at least to blog a photo a day. Alas, I do not have a photo today. I tried to take a photo of my hair (we went swimming and I have a sort of halo of short frizzy curls-I’m liking it a bit more than I should…) but I’m nervous about self-portraiture-people (AKA ‘Friends’) call me vain and a camera-whore. These friends are the same people who lie in bed and take a million photos of themselves, yet it’s not deemed ‘vanity’ or ‘being a camera-whore’ if they take the photos.

But tomorrow my dad is taking us to Portsmouth, which I’m very excited about;

One, we never go anywhere!

Two, it means I get take lots of photos, mostly to annoy Sarah who’s staying for nine days while our sisters and her parents are in the Isle of Wight, and partly because, y’know, I actually need the photos for my art in September. And for The August Break, of course!

I’m currently writing a wish list from the SAA catalogue, doing this makes me feel like a proper artist : )

It’s kinda difficult to stop and look at other blogger’s who are doing the August Break, since I don’t want to leave Sarah alone too long in case she feels neglected and lonely. She hates bloggers! I’ve left her reading at the moment.

Dad took Sarah, my brother and I out for kareoke last night, I really wish my dad would sing professionally, his ‘Song for Whoever’ was amazing. I think I had too many Magners and Smirnoff Ices last night…I always feel sort of mean after drinking, since I don’t really like the way ‘drinking’ is synonymous with ‘teenagers’, alongside ‘rowdy, uncouth, violent and untrustworthy.’ I think it’s ridiculous that every single teenager in the world is obviously going to mug/rape/beat up/murder every single person they meet.  My point is it’s really not very nice to see an adult or elderly person walking towards you looking terrified, and eventually crossing the road. That’s why I like saying ‘Hello!’ or ‘Good morning’ to them, it really startles them.

C’mon, people! Give us some respect please?


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