Pride :)

August 30, 2010

Some promising photographs from my little sister. Perhaps when she gets her secret Birthday camera it will encourage her to take more…? Finally I’ll be the model and she can be the photographer! : )


I think Joe has a special affinity with the monkeys at the wonderful Monkey World. Perhaps he’s more monkey than boy?

…that there are photos to accompany these facts.

-Skimble is chewing my headphones

-I ate a whole big bag of Minstrels today

-I’ve almost finished my Sherlock Holmes bookmark

-I’ve been planning lots of paintings

-I’m getting slightly annoyed that everytime I go on the computer, Rowanna and Sarah have to come too.

-I wish there was sunshine instead of rain, that I could play guitar, that I could sing, that I could have more inspiration for scrapping, that I wish the A for photography had pushed me into taking the August Break more seriously and I tried more

Today has been a bad day.


August 19, 2010

A for Fine Art

A for Photography

C for English Literature

C for Early Modern History

I’m very pleased with myself : )

Unknown Maths GCSE result, I’ll know on Tuesday whether I’ve failed second time round.


August 19, 2010

Day Eleven

I’m not in the habit of waiting for my facemask to completely dry before starting to rub it off.

Day Thirteen

My view this morning : )

Day Fourteen

Skimble now comes bounding out their little house in the mornings.

Day Fifteen

Soreen bread for breakfast. This reminds me of party teas and my nanny’s house.

Day Sixteen


An Ouching Update

August 17, 2010

So apologies for the lak of photos for the August break lately, I’ve been taking them but for some reason not posting them, so perhaps I’ll do a huge long blog with all the days I missed.

Kathy texted me last night at ten to midnight asking if I could be at her house for 9;30 today;I only got this text this morning. All I can say is thank God I woke up early.

However, yesterday I spent the whole day whimpering and crying because I’ve done something to my neck. And now I have to go and watch a movie in the cinema. I can hear some complaining happening.

Kitten update-P and S have spent the whole past two days doing nothing but playfighting! Last night P wouldn’t go to sleep in his bed with his brother, but was perfectly happy to sleep on Sarah!


August 13, 2010

(August Break)


Bottom-Skimbleshanks (or Skimble, for short)

Eight weeks old, brothers, currently sleeping)

Welcome to the family.

Oh-and we also have just acquired three mice-Treacle, Honey and Silver. The mice are totally unperturbed by the kittens, who don’t really know what to do!)

The Sister Swap

August 12, 2010


Nine days ago, Sarah’s family took Rowanna on holiday and we got Sarah for the nine days. Whilst Rowanna was away, the house was so calm and quiet and the atmosphere was so relaxed. Now she’s home, the house is sparkling with electricity again and it’s good that she’s home.

Today is kitten day!

Now we’re officially getting two kittens at one o’clock!

(August Break)

Day Nine

August 9, 2010

Megan trying to make a house out of Squares crips, as was suggested by the Square’s crisp packet.


Eeep! This is my first ever Polaroid photo (Sarah in the photo)! Dad bought me two Polaroid cameras at a car boot sale and twenty sheets of film-I’ve accidentally already used three and only three others can actually be classed as ‘photos’. I am ever so extremely excited : )