Oh Gosh

July 29, 2010

I didn’t think we could beat last year’s Burning, but I think we did. This year I felt totally comfortable with everyone there. Even Lewis, who, for some reason, we invited. Ok, so the fire didn’t last as long and we did play the ‘I never’ game-with no alcoholic beverages to hand (Thank God-we DO NOT NEED ALCOHOL), we used orange juice instead. Admittedly, sleeping on the trampoline still freaks me out a little, but it was better than usual this time round. Even this morning I still felt social, which hardly ever happens. Ironically, nobody took any photos to document what was a really brilliant evening. Even Megan said ‘throw more nights like this one’, and that’s a massive compliment coming from the lovely emo who feels ill at social gatherings. So I’m happy everyone (including me) had fun.

And Meg bought me round a guitar to practise on! I’ve learnt a few chords so far, but I’m not so good at remembering not to bash the guitar around!

Song I’m Listening to; ‘The Calculation’ by Regina Spektor. I’ve just found this, and I’m listening to it repeatedly.

My gosh, I want to scrapbook! I haven’t done any for so long, it’s ridiculous. I’ve just been looking at Shimelle Laine’s blog, and I’m really in the scrappy mood.

Happy days : )

Oh-and I got new glasses. I don’t like them.


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