My thoughts

July 27, 2010

-The pool will not be ready for tomorrow. So when friends arrive for the Burning they’ll find a great big muddy hole with loads of stones in. Disappointing.

-I’m going to read the emails that she [temporarily] ruined my life with. I don’t know if these will make me feel better or not.

-I’m doing the Unravelling course!

-I’m doing Susannah Conway’s August Break!

-I went to Bourton-on-the-water today with my nanny, and I dipped my feet in freezing cold water.

-I spent two pounds forty five on a bottle of orange and jasmine juice just so I could fill the empty bottle with flowers.

-I bought 200g of mustard yellow and purple wool…to make necklaces out of.

-I’m going to Monkey World next week!

-It’s really dark outside and I can’t hear any thing from my sister, brother and her friend.

-Almost everybody in the village knows me as ‘Melony’s daughter’, which I like.

-Rowanna’s hamster Sammy is dying, a week today that Jynx died.

-Tomorrow I am getting new glasses. I’ll put up photos of the difference in the glasses tomorrow.


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