The Future

July 13, 2010

I was always convinced, partly due to my love of art and my dad, that I would go art university and come away with an art degree, then I would be a professional artist.

Now, I’m going to university in two years to do an English/Lit degree, because I want to be an English lecturer.

But since discovering Natural History illustration (thanks The Behaviour of Moths) I want to go back to my art.

So the University of Sunderland has lots of things going for it; they do a BA hons design degree, including natural history illustration. Unfortunately, I also have to do lots of other stuff that I’m not so interested in, like fashion art.

Extra unfortunately, I can’t do combined art and English degrees.

So now I have the decision; do art or English? That’s even if I get into Sunderland.

But I have four other universities to find, and I’m afraid that those universities will be to do an English degree. I’m worried I’ll regret not doing my art degree if I do English, and vice versa.

And meanwhile I have to excel at college to gain enough UCAS points to even get to do an English degree. I also have to pass my maths GCSE. Which, quite honestly, brings frustrated and angry tears to my eyes everytime I think about it. But then, no GCSE, no uni.

I’ve decided to do Susannah Conway’s Unravelling e-course in September. This also means I have to get a Summer job in order to pay for it. I was just going to wait until her book came out, but I feel like I should do this course now. I need to. And plus, I’m in awe of Susannah Conway. She is like my role model, I admire her so much, and I think she has a beautiful way of writing, photographing and thinking. If I do the course, I get to actually get in contact with her.

Oops, got a bit sidetracked there. Anyway, I’m slowly, slowly, slowly working on a scrapbooking project. I have to take it slowly, since I’m suffering from a very severe scrapbooker’s block. It’s awful. I want to scrapbook, but I find fault with the photo colours and the paper colours, and I have absolutely no idea how to put it all together in a pleasing compostion.

I’ve had a photography project idea, involving a twist on the word sleepwalk, but I still need to persuade Rowanna to be my model. The setting is also quite public, and I’m not sure she’d be happy to go there again after I made her dress up in my green-gold ball dress and walk around the very same mansion house/hotel.

Only have three more days at college, and then it’s the summer holidays! This is extremely exciting, especially to someone like me who is very bored and tired of sitting in the library reading a book that, although very good, seems to never end (The Secret History, Donna Tartt).

So now I need to search for more universities or I’ll never get into one.

: )


One Response to “The Future”

  1. Susannah said

    I reckon either English or art would stand you in good stead for the future – they were my two favourite topics at school too 🙂

    I offer a few scholarships on my courses where the fee is heavily discounted – email me, love, and we can have a chat about it x

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