The joys of June

June 25, 2010

Friday seems to be my shopping day. Which means every Friday I take all £30 out my bank account and come home with bags and bags. Well I’m not complaining!

I love finding things in shops that have been reduced because of a broken zip or torn button loop. Por exjemplo; I once bought a dress in New Look and the zip was broken. How did I solve it? I gave it to one of my nan’s friends whose a seamstress and she whipped out the old zip and put a new one in. It cost me about a £1. Problem solved. Another example; I bought a black dress for a party which was reduced because, again, the zip was apparently broken. When I got it home I wiggled the zip around and found that it wasn’t broken at all, it was merely momentarily stuck. Triumph! So today I found a beautiful cream vintage lace dress which was £13 but reduced to £5 because one of the pearl button loops was broken. My mum can sew that up in less than five minutes. Another triumph!

I also bought some new headphones (despite the fact I bought some last Friday too…) and a boater hat and a necklace (reduced to £3 in a sale) and various party stuff.

Hmm, pirate party tomorrow. I’m looking forward to it more than I thought I was. I’ve got the prizes, the games, and getting the food in a bit. Decorations are my speciality 🙂 I also have my outfit, which I’m most excited about. The theme was traditional pirate, but now it’s how you would like a pirate to look, but the requirements are a hat, eye patch and sword/pistol. And we’re all going to look amazing! On Sunday I’m dragging Kathkath off to a wildflower field for a picnic and photoshoot, so I’ll try and blog at some point, no promises though…I forgot how much art takes up of my time…

Speaking of art, you’ll never guess what, but my teacher has LOST my whole last year’s portfolio. That’s three final pieces, three full sketchbooks and countless etching plates and various work. I really hope it turns up. Hmm.


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