Summary Time

June 11, 2010

Overall, a fairly good week : )

Exams all week except Wednesday, but now I have just one more exam, on the day before my birthday. Damn.

Speaking of my birthday, my Pirate Party is going…er, well. I’ve picked my hat. No costume. No invitations. No decorations. Nothing. Nowt. This is most unlike me. Usually my parties are planned down to the minutest detail, but I think the sudden crossing-off of people on my guest list has made me uncertain as to whether I want a birthday party with the grand total of six people. Possibly less. I mean, I love birthday parties-not the drunken-raving sort teenagers are supposed to have, but proper birthday parties. Like with lemonade and fairy cakes and pass-the-parcel. Yeah, I know, I’m quite pathetic sometimes. Ah well. Those sort of parties make me happy.

It’s the college art trip to St Ives on Monday (my mother’s birthday). This trip is the starting point for many new things; 1. the very end of my first year at college, 2. the start of my second new year at college, 3. making some more friends (hopefully!) and 4…


I always complained about the workload, and having my teacher tell me one thing, then another, and trying to combine my photography with my art, but five weeks without art lessons has made me slightly and unnoticably depressed. I really can’t wait to go to St Ives and start sketching and painting into my brand new-sketchbook.

We discovered the owners of Jinx the cat. They came down the road, calling ‘Lily’ and Jinx shot out. They were really happy to find her. Alas, four hours later I opened the back door, and Jinx came sauntering in. She’s not left since, and that was almost a week ago.

Cannot wait for the 9th July, since that’s when I get to go and visit Sarah! It’s a mahoosive five-hour long train ride, with three changes, and since I’m not very confident getting on trains and such, I expect I’ll end up in Wales or something. Y’know, totally NOT where Sarah is or I’m meant to be.

Bought a beautiful cardigan yesterday, or rather, my mother did for me. It’s grey and military stylee.

Watched Dr Parnassus today-brilliant film.

Reading several new books, and doing ridiculous amounts of cross-stitching.

Annnd…that’s my week!

Have a great weekend : )


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