Big arty-shizz update!

June 2, 2010

I bought my first new cross stitch magazine two Sunday’s ago, and I j’adore it! “The World of Cross Stitching” is s’mazing. There’s loads of charts that I want to start stitching straight away, but y’know, exams and stuff. So this is my newest one. It’s being made to put up in our hallway, and is very bright and retro and cheerful. Good stuff.

Here’s my fifties ladies, from a really ancient cross stitch magazine. I’ve had a lot of disasters with the stylish lady on the left, ranging from not having the right colour for her skirt, to making the colour up, to finding the colour is exactly the same colour as her legs, and to finding that I have no skin colour left, among other problems. So I’m ignoring her for a while and concentrating on all the backstitching and border. Give me another two weeks and they shall be proudly prancing round a frame in my bedroom!

This is just a remake of a page I did a few years ago…this one’s much more accomplished…I love this photo of some good harmless partying before teenage parties were expected to have alcohol in them.

Well, Sarah’s gone and I made this a couple of weeks ago. Just round my house is a dead-end road where we always always always sat and chatted and ate and made diet pacts (which, obviously, failed) etc. Those were the good old days!

The BFG and me

Kathy is really quite tall…compared to me. She’s actually the Big. Friendly. Giant.With a slight emo fashion sense.

Kathy had the idea of making ‘Sarah’s face cakes’ a couple of weeks back, and for Sarah’s leaving party last Wednesday, I made some. It’s a scary likeness!

This layout has been in the making for a while now, and I think my excuse is that I didn’t have the right materials and products I wanted for it (complete lie) and the real reason is that around the time I started this page, it was my auntie’s 25th death anniversary. Anyhow, this is my auntie Tracey, years and years ago, looking very awesome. She was badly bullied, but looking at this photo, I can’t possibly think why. She looks like the exact person who I would love to be my friend.

Phew! So that’s my creative overhaul for a couple of days now, hope you enjoyed it. I’ve been sketching alot lately too, so if you’re really lucky, I might scan a few illustrations in…


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