Sunday Afternoon

May 24, 2010

Well yesterday I prepared myself for the two following days (Tuesday espesh) to be trapped in the conservatory, frantically revising. So I went over my nan’s with Joseph and my grandad had bought my nan some Inktense pencils. I swooned, and immediately used them to draw a garden scene. Pure love.

Then I went and bought myself a cross stitching magazine since I’m officially OBSESSED now. Happily, it was a really good magazine with far too many charts for me to fall in love with.

Then we had a barbeque, and the cat-from-down-the-road turned up and sat on me, and consequently peed on my foot. Not appreciated.

But then mum told us we could get a kitten, which was very happily-received news.

And this morning when I woke up, the cat was literally sitting on my doorstep, meowing. So now I have a cat stalking me. Huzzah.

Saw Megan today, her life is currently like a romance novel. She’s fallen in love with a guy called Justin from Canada and she went to visit him, and they’re all cute and loved up. I spent pretty much all of the time saying ‘that’s adorable!’ I may have got a bit annoying after a while, but that’s the good thing about loved-up people-they don’t mind the cliches and annoying phrases and total lack of vocabulary.

So Wednesday is Kathkath’s date, my history exam, and Sarah’s leaving movie-night-type-gathering thing. Sad times. But hopefully Kathy’s date and my exam will go well, so we won’t all be too depressed.

Ahh-off to eat stir-fry and revise!


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