The Project

May 9, 2010

Now I’ve finished Photography (for good) and Art (for the time being), I’ve got perhaps a little too much free time. So, I thought it’s time for a new project!

Or rather, a Project, since I’ve never planned anything I make, or paint or draw. But this project, this would be different.

“For his teeth seem for laughing round an apple,

There lurk no claws behind his fingers supple,

And God will grow no talons at his heels,

Nor antlers through the thickness of his curls.”

Arms and the Boy, Wilfred Owen

I adore this last stanza of this poem, and that’s why my new Project is based on a nature book (opened on the Deer page), photographs of my brothers when they were younger and with curly blonde hair, and a brand new sketchbook.

And of course, my iPod for company : D


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