Two Caravans-Marina Lewycka

May 4, 2010

Brilliant book; witty, clever, unique, quirky, well written, appealing story. I’ve never read anything quite like it.

Two Reasons Why I Love This Book;

One; It has a beautiful cover. I’m drawn to books with lovely covers. By one of those weird rules of nature, I usually won’t enjoy a book that has an ugly cover. But the Two Caravans cover makes me think of oldy-wordly foreign posters up on cracked and ancient walls down narrow, twisty lanes.

Two; It’s just got a brilliant story. It made me open my mind to the harsh and hilarious world we live in. Also, it made me think about how we English treat immigrants and foreigners. It’s making me think. I also adore the characters, especially Tomasz and Yola.

Except something weird happened with this book. On Sunday night I had a dream that I was in a caravan and I’d just got out of bed where two girls were asleep. I looked at me legs and they were all scratched and swollen and sunburnt.

I think I maybe absorbed this book a little too literally into my subconscious : /


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