April 30, 2010

Am planning to really start blogging here at the w/e, but for now my time (including sleeping time) is taken up trying to finish my art and photography projects which are due in today. Kinda running on low batteries at the moment, I’m literally like a zombie. And you’ll be pleased to know that my cynicalism/depression has given way to still a little bit of cynicalism, but lots of happiness too! All due to friends 🙂

I’m pretty sure I’m going to get C’s in art and photograpy, but hey, no point worrying or regretting that now, from today I don’t have any more than two lessons a day for five weeks! Plus, I only find out what I got in August, so I don’t want the spend the gorgeous weather panicking.

Expect a few memory-philosophical posts the next couple of days, I realised something at like, three a.m a couple of days ago and wanted to blog about it, but since I’d already been up for seven hours doing work, I thought I’d better go to bed at that point xD


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