A new social life, or just a complete failure?

April 20, 2010

So Friday is the “big party night”. I’m cynical that having a party in a public park is the best of ideas, but hey, you never know. It could be a success.

And since my recent fall from various friendships has resulted in me feeling extra lonely, extra detached and extra dependent on my iPod, perhaps Friday will bring new beginnings of new friendships for me?

I’ve turned into such a cynic lately. Everytime I write something cynical I have to stop myself and delete it.

The three girls who sit next to me in Maths today (speaking of maths, I failed my exam-another D for the markbook-I’m not optimistic about next year’s timetable) were doing a quiz type thing. They tried it out on me.

This is what I got;


=Sophisticated, detached, imaginative, blank canvas, optimistic


=Fidgety, twitchy, dreamy, independent, easily distracted, colourful, blunt, beautiful, fascinating

The first is your favourite colour and how it makes you feel and this translates as how you would unconsciously describe yourself.

The second is your favourite animal and how you can describe that animal. This translates as what you look for in a partner.

Right, Mr Birdy-Mannerisms Man, come my way, please!


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