Hello world!

April 17, 2010

I’m going to begin my newest blog off with the title that WordPress provided; ‘Hello World’. At the moment, I’m not feeling very optimistic and I guess I need the boost.

This is a new blog, under a different name (don’t worry, I made it up, I’m not doing fraud or anything) I just don’t want my friends to find me since they’re the reason I’m here now. I know you don’t want to hear about what they did, so I won’t divulge. But I’ll be depressed for quite a while, so don’t be expecting a bundle of witty jokes.

A bit about me;

I’m a storyteller-I write books. None published since I’m only sixteen and still editing. If you’re lucky you might get a few extracts from my current book.

I’m a an artist-I draw stories. Paint doesn’t work for me, neither does colouring pencils. But grey pencils, ink pens and biros are fine. If you’re extra lucky, you might get some scans of my work. Mostly I draw fairies, I’ve been drawing them since I was about six and since at that age I had all Cicely Mary Barker’s Fairy books, I guess I was heavily influenced by them.

I’m a photographer-I create stories and I photograph them. My little sister is my muse, she {un}happily gets dressed up in such things as my ball dress and lets me dash around taking photographs. I might even post some images here.

I’m also a scrapbooker, music listener, homebody, comedian {yes, I know that sounds unbelievable}, walk and nature lover, believer in the impossible {hence the fairies}, total book nerd etc. You hopefully get the picture.

Right Now; I should be doing that ton of art homework.

I live in a little village, not too deeply sunk in the countryside, but there’s enough of it. I used to be very social, and, dare I say it, even popular. But alas, going off to college taught me what real friends are, and now I’m happily settled into a little group of friends. My family are probably the most eccentric family for miles, but being a Cancer star sign, they are the people that get me through the day.

Life is pretty shit sometimes.

I’ll leave you on that “lovely” little note, I really should make a start on that artwork patiently waiting to be done…:/



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